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Computer Help in and around Montaigu de Quercy
Why the name

Well the top 6 characters on a UK keyboard are QWERTY and on a French one AZERTY!
As I now live in france it seemed totally appropriate to blend the two.

Computer Problems?

Hardware problems.

Software problems.

Internet connection.

Will give simple instructions for reading mail, connecting computers etc etc


20€ for a visit and the first hour. If the problem will take longer or requires hardware replacement etc I will discuss the cost before proceeding, for this part I operate a no fix no fee policy.

Web Design

Very flexible will either just design web according to your needs or work with you to get a site up and running.


These vary according to the complexity and time required. A basic web site of a single page would be about a days work for which I would charge 100€. Complex websites with many pages would be pro rata. Please either ring or email me with your requirements and I will be happy to discuss them and the price.

Getting in Contact
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